Management Structure

Figure - governance structure

Council of Partners (CoP)

This is the main decision-making body in the consortium. It gathers a representative (and substitute) from each of the partners and takes all main strategic decisions with regards to the project. It meets once a year physically, and if needed more often via teleconference.

Chair of the CoP: Prof. Alberto Striolo (Coordinator)

Deputy chair of the CoP: Dr. Adrian Jones

Work Package Leaders (WPLs)

The WPLs are in charge of the day-to-day management of the project. They meet virtually every month to share results, and physically at the CoP annual meetings.

Chair of the WPLs: Prof. Alberto Striolo (Coordinator)

External Advisory Board (EAB)

Appointed and steered by the CoP, the EAB will advise the CoP on the relevance of the various research activities. The EAB will review the progress of all activities on an annual basis, ensuring that the project is addressing variations within the field of shale gas in national, European and International landscapes, and that it remains independent from commercial and external influences. Its members are leaders from academia, institutions devoted to public safety, and from bodies that represent industrial associations; and they have no direct benefit from the research conducted within ShaleXenvironmenT.

Chair of the EAB: John M. Shaw, University of Alberta

Members of the EAB

Industrial Practitioners Board (IPB)

The IPB is composed of representatives from our industrial partners and collaborators. The role of the IPB is to advise ShaleXenvironmenT on how to maintain the fundamental research conducted within the consortium within the realm of practical interest. The IPB has also the scope of strengthening the relationships between the consortium and industry, and to ensure that the fundamental discoveries have a direct positive impact in the way shale gas is produced, especially with regards to limiting its environmental impact.

Chair of the IPB: Pickard Trepress, FracPT FZE

Members of the IPB