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Geomecon is an expert partner in geomechanical consulting. Our approach combines classical rock mechanical analyses with conventional and fracture mechanics numerical simulation. Our standard and specialised rock mechanics laboratory testing complements our work.

We aim at providing specific solutions that satisfy the challenges set by our customers in the geothermal, mineral extraction, hydrocarbon, radioactive waste disposal and rock engineering industries.

Our standard services include excavation damage zone evolution analysis, simulation of rock mass performance, simulation of fracture network extension, wellbore stability analysis, and reservoir performance simulation; latest developments aim at seismic risk assessment. We offer an individually tailored customer care and an excellent quality of service in consequence of involving only selected specialists. You will receive a comprehensive evaluation of the task out of one hand. We will provide customised, reliable and high quality assessment of standard and more advanced projects.

The Geomecon Team

The team involved in the project constists of:

  • Dr. Tobias Backers, Geomechanics Expert and Chief Executive Officer. His expertise focuses on rock mechanics, fracture mechanics, numerical simulation and stress modelling.
  • Dr. Simon Dinter, Software Developer. He is an expert in computational physics, high performance computing as well as physical modelling and simulation.
  • Carina Gruehser, Senior Software Engineer. Her skills include software quality, software architecture, artificial intelligence and numerical stress modelling.


Carina Grühser
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