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Project Factsheet

ShaleXenvironmenT project factsheet October 2017 [download pdf]

Public Deliverables

Links to the project’s deliverables will be added as the project progresses. The expected date of delivery is indicated in brackets.

Work Package 1 – Project Management

D1.1 Project management manual [download pdf]

D1.2 Progress report 1 [download pdf]

D1.3 Progress report 2 [download pdf]

D1.4 Final report [September 2018]

Work Package 2 – Shale Core Acquisition and HTHP Handling Capabilities

D2.1 Report on PTx properties of shale rock samples [March 2018]

D2.2 Reservoir conditions for rock library samples [download pdf]

D2.3 Reservoir conditions for European samples [September 2018]

Work Package 3 – Advanced Imaging and Geomechanical Characterisation

D3.1 Full traditional characterisation on shale core samples representative of EU formations [download pdf]

D3.2 Experimental tomographic imaging of pore size, structure, networks and potential flow paths within selected shale core samples [download pdf]

D3.3 Fluid behaviour for water, methane, other hydrocarbons, fracturing fluids and their chemicals confined in the narrow pores found in shale rocks [download pdf]

D3.4 Experimental characterization regarding fracture permeability and healing properties, elastic mechanical data and creep behaviour under high pressure [download pdf]

D3.5 Relations between tomographic and geomechanical observations, implications for
reservoir conditions and sweet spot identification [September 2018]

Work Package 4 – Modelling of Confined Fluids 

D4.1 New models for clay and kerogen pores in shales [download pdf]

D4.2 Preferential distribution of water, methane, simple salts, hydrocarbons within clay and kerogen pores of various sizestypically found in shale rocks [March 2018]

D4.3 Diffusion coefficients of various fluid mixtures and their individual components in heterogeneous narrow pores typical of shale rocks [March 2018]

D4.4 Potential of migration of NORM and compounds used in hydraulic fracturing fluids through a shale formation [September 2018]

D4.5 Equation of states of fluids needed for process design and risk assessment [download pdf]

Work Package 5 – Formulation of Hydraulic Fracturing Fluids

D5.1 A report, along with laboratory scale samples, on hydraulic fracturing formulations effective at high salt content, along with laboratory scale samples of the best formulation prepared in the presence of large amounts of salt [download pdf]

D5.2 A report, along with laboratory scale samples, on the additives to be used in hydraulic fracturing formulations to reduce the amount of NORM extracted in flow-back and produced water [September 2018]

Work Package 6 – Analytical Models and Software 

D6.1 Analytical models and software for describing convective and forced fluid transport within fractured shale formations [September 2018]

D6.2 Analytical model and software to describe the transport of hydrocarbons/water/contaminants through shale rock formations, including convective and forced transport and diffusive behaviour [September 2018]

Work Package 7 – Engineered Materials 

D7.1 Characterization of fluid properties in zeolites [download pdf]

D7.2 Full experimental materials characterisation and fluid transport data within the engineered materials with dual porosity [download pdf]

Work Package 8 – Optimization   

D8.1 Multi-period and logistic optimizationbased approaches for wastewater management in shale gas operations [September 2018]

Work Package 9 – Risk Assessment 

D9.1 Application of well blowout model to an existing well to generate fire and explosion risk contours [March 2018]

D9.2 Likelihood of induced seismic / micro seismic activity in shale formations throughout Europe, including a risk assessment [March 2018]

Work Package 10 – Life Cycle Assessment 

D10.1 Comparative environmental footprint of shale gas vs. traditional energy sources and alternative low-carbon renewables [download pdf]

D10.2 Sensitivity analysis of the LCA of the environmental footprint of shale gas in Europe [download pdf]

Work Package 11 – Suggestions for Policy Formulation 

D11.1 Regulatory framework on environmental impacts and community acceptance of shale gas [March 2018]

D11.2 Policy recommendations for the effective governance of shale gas operations in
Europe [September 2018]

Work Package 12 – Dissemination 

D12.1 Journal reviews [download pdf]

D12.2 Work-In-Progress forums 1 [download pdf]

D12.3 Work-In-Progress forums 2 [download pdf]

D12.4 Website launch [download pdf]

D12.5 Summer Challenges 1 [download pdf]

D12.6 Summer Challenges 2 [download pdf]

D12.7 DCO and Doha international conferences 1 [November 2017]

D12.8 DCO and Doha international conferences 2 [July 2018]

D12.9 Rock library [September 2018]

D12.10 Material for academic course [September 2018]