Shaleology Forum 2017

The new academic year kick-started with the second edition of the Shaleology Forum, hosted by the Geological Society London on 6th October 2017. More than 50 attendees from academia, government and industry joined the event, including approximately 20 students from UCL’s MSc in Global Management of Natural Resources. The forum triggered an interesting discussion around shale gas from different perspectives and the future potential of unconventional sources of energy.

Don’t worry if you missed this year’s forum – you can watch the recordings following the links below!

Morning session Part 1

Morning session Part 2

Morning session Part 3

Afternoon session Part 1

Afternoon session Part 2


Shaleology Forum 2nd edition!

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After a very successful first edition in December 2016, Shaleology Forum comes back to Geological Society London for its second edition! On Friday, 6th October 2017, a number of speakers from Academia, Industry and Government will present the latest developments in the Shale Gas research, save the date!

To learn more about this event, please consult the Agenda and the List of Speakers.

You can register here 

ShaleXenvironmenT Second Annual Meeting

Between June 11th-14th 2017, the ShaleXenvironmenT consortium gathered in Florence, Italy for its Second Annual meeting. On June 12th, the consortium presented project results to the members of International Advisory ant Industry Practitioners boards, as well as to the external reviewers appointed by the European Commission as part of Mid-Term review. 22 months into the project, substantial progress has been achieved since the last annual meeting.

A public dissemination event was organised on June 13th, where colleagues from other shale-related projects were given the opportunity to present their work. International Advisory ant Industry Practitioners board members gathered in the afternoon and produced a detailed report with recommendations that are very valuable for the success of the project.

In parallel to various sessions, students from different research groups participated in poster presentation. Amongst 11 posters presented, the boards selected 3 best posters and awarded their authors: Filippo Sarri, Tai Duc Bui and Johannes Herrmann.

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Shaleology Forum

sxt2A few days before Christmas the ShaleXenvironmenT consortium hosted “Shaleology: Forum on Shale Gas Research”. The event took place on December, 19th at the Geological Society London and was attended by approximately 50 attendees from academia, government and the private sector. The presentations were followed by a panel discussion in the afternoon, which allowed interesting exchanges amongst the participants.

If you missed the event, you can follow the links below to watch the full recording:

Morning Session Part 1

Morning Session Part 2

Afternoon Session Part 1

Afternoon Session Part 2

This forum was the first among a series of events that ShaleXenvironmenT Consortium will be organising, stay tuned for the next one!

Shaleology| Forum on Shale Gas Research

On December, 19th ShaleXenvironmenT consortium will host a public forum at the Geological Society London, aiming at presenting and discussing the state-of-the art of Shale Gas research in Europe. It will involve speakers from Academia, Industry and Government and offer an opportunity for poster presentations, so as to support fact-based and science-backed knowledge-sharing.

To learn more about this event, please consult the Agenda and the List of Speakers .

You can register here 

SXT Presented at ECIS 2016

Last month, the CSGI team presented 3 posters showcasing their work in SXT, at ECIS 2016: the 30th Conference of the European Colloid and interface Society, which took place in Rome, between September 4-9.


Lo Nostro P. “Innovative systems for the control of viscosity of polymer dispersions for shale gas applications” [See PDF]

Tatini D. “Physico-chemical properties of green hydraulic fracturing fluids for European shale gas extraction” [See PDF]

Sarri F. “Rheology of green gelling agents in fracturing fluid formulations for shale gas exploitation” [See PDF]

Summer Challenge: Engineering Solutions from Nature

On July 26th, 10 talented prospective engineers completed the first ShaleXenvironmenT ‘Summer Challenge’. They learned about the UCL departments of Chemical Engineering and Biochemical Engineering, and about the Institute of Making.

They learned about shale gas, hydraulic fracturing, fuel cells, fluorescent algae and catalysts, among other things, and they also saw how chemical engineers contribute to producing pharmaceuticals. Inspired by nature, the 10 students then successfully completed an individual project and presented enthusiastically their refreshing ideas.

We wish these young scientists the best of luck for their future career, and we hope to see them in our classrooms in 2017.

Learn more about the UCL Summer Challenge programme.

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ShaleXenvironmenT’s First Annual Meeting

The ShaleXenvironmenT consortium gathered in Liblice, Czech Republic for its First Annual Meeting between June 19-22, 2016.

10 months into the project,  this meeting was an opportunity for all the researchers working on the project to meet and update each other on their research progress. Moreover, students in the different research groups joined the meeting, and a poster presentation of their work was organised.

It was the first time the Industry Practitioners and the External Advisory Boards (see members here) had a chance to meet, and they fed back valuable advice to the consortium.

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External Boards recruited

ShaleXenvironmenT’s two external boards, the ‘External Advisory Board’ and the ‘Industry Practitioners Board’ are now complete. Almost all members in both boards will be attending the upcoming annual consortium meeting.

A full list of the external board members is available here.

European Science and Technology Network on Unconventional Hydrocarbons Extraction – Annual Conference in Brussels


Prof. Alberto Striolo, ShaleXenvironmenT’s Coordinator, presented the project and the consortium’s first results at the European Science and Technology Network on Unconventional Hydrocarbons Extraction Annual Conference.

The Conference, bringing together practitioners from industry, research, academia and civil society, took place in Brussels on February 23rd 2016, and Prof. Striolo’s presentation can be consulted here.

More information and the other speakers’ presentations are available on the European Commission’s Joint Research Centre website.


CSGI is looking for an early-stage researcher

2 September 2015

CSGI is looking for a young talented person with a Master degree in Chemistry (or equivalent) with expertise in physical chemistry of formulations, colloid and surface sciences and a documented experience in using the instrumental techniques that are relevant to the project, but with no more than four years of experimental work after the achievement of the Master degree. Time period: 1 November 2015 – 31 October 2016. The contract is renewable annually up to three years
Gross salary: up to EUR. 16.200 for the time period above specified. More information on how to apply…